The Brand


Our team at Frostees wants to provide our clients with the best design, highest quality product, and the fastest turnaround time in the industry. With today’s society, customers want instant gratification. We pride ourselves on our relentless work ethic to help achieve this gratification. We are constantly pushing the limit of what Greek apparel can be, and that is all part of the process.


While in middle school our CEO, Ben Frost, taught himself how to use Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and his career in design began. During his sophomore year at Florida State University, he entered a contest held by Under Armour under the design category and finished in the top 3 out of the entire nation. People began to notice of his talent and eye for design and thus Frostees was born in 2012. He started designing and producing apparel for many organizations, businesses, and high profile individuals.

All of this was done while going to school full time. As graduation was approaching, Ben wasn’t sure if he was going to go full-time with the business. He got in contact about a job with Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank host, Mark Cuban. After going back and forth via email, Mark’s parting words were, “You have a business with customers, how can you just walk away?”.

Weeks later, Ben’s grandfather was in the hospital after having a heart-attack. Ben called in to the hospital to check in and right before he hung up the phone his grandfather said, “Whatever you do, never give up on your business.” This was the last conversation they had, his grandfather passed away shortly after they hung up the phone.

After speaking with Mark Cuban and hearing his grandfather’s parting words, this was a sign to move forward and take a risk. Ben decided to go full time with the business and started experiencing massive growth. He brought on a partner, Anthony Campana, who has a sales and finance background. With Anthony’s help, Frostees has been able to grow even more and the team continues to grow as each day goes by.


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